Posted by: YesReallyAngel | February 2, 2011

Inspiring pic of the day:


Power of Thought

…borrowed from the amazing Sarah of – Check out her blog.

Honestly. You’ll never buy another glossy mag again if you have her wonderous site.

Posted by: YesReallyAngel | November 30, 2010

Blogging up my arteries


Oh yes. It’s that time in life. I think as we progress further into the 21st century and our listlessness mounts….still no flying cars are whizzing above the skyscrapers, it’s been 10 years since high-school and I’m STILL waiting to use geometry…. all of this failure and the only thing that seems dependable is the internet.

(that is until Bill Gates decides to flip the ‘off’ switch and throws everyone into angst and despair, I believe you can find the reaction written about in the last part of the Bible.)

Welcome to my little corner of the institution. I live by the credo, “anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of” and that’s what I seek to acheive.

Things that make me smile will pop up here. Things that make me laugh, or grin or giggle will also suffice. I am a girl, so some of it will be cute and heartwarming… I am a tomboy so some of it will be rancid and offensive.

But lets all stop fixating on the negative in our lives and choose to laugh. yes.

ho ho freaking ho.